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Streets of Gold
"You're way too young to fall apart..„
Side Chapter
POV: Bill

  "This is a little weird,„ I stated, holding the can in front of my face so me and Tom could both see it. "Isn't it?„ "Yeah,„ he laughed and took the can full of Monster out of my hand. "It is a little weird... Oh, look,„ he turned it and pointed to the bottom. "Imported from Amsterdam. There's why it looks so different.„
  "Oh.„ I took the can back from him and set it down next to me on the seat, leaning forward to get a little closer to my lovers face. Tom smiled, laughing the slightest. "Aren't you smart,„ he leaned over the table enough and kissed me on the lips. I smiled as he did so. "I guess I am,„ I giggled as he pulled back slightly. I raised an eyebrow and kept mind of the people around us in the restaurant. It was roughly just past 08:00, me and Tom were still traveling across Europe. "I'm glad we did this,„ I looked down at my cup of coffee in my hands, sliding my index finger around the rim. Tom looked at my hands as I did so. "Yeah...„ he smiled. I smiled back, taking into consideration that I was a runaway now. I didn't know whether it was a bad thing or a good thing... But I loved Tom, I loved being with Tom, and I couldn't stand a second without him. But that's why I hated my family; they never would let me and Tom see each other, because I'm a guy, and, well... So is Tom... But it isn't a bad thing... Is it? No... It cant be. Love is love, it has no gender.
  "Hey Tom...„ I was still staring at my coffee cup. Tom looked up at me. "What is it?„ he sounded like he was smiling. I hesitated, for as long as I could hold in my question.
  "Why did you want to run away with me?„ I was now looking right at him, right in the eyes. His smile was now faded and gone; his face was full of seriousness and confusion. He, too, hesitated for as long as he could. "Because I love you, Bill.„ he reached across the table with his hands and grabbed both of mine. "I love you. I couldn't possibly stand another harsh day without you.„ the sun was shining softly through the windows right on us, it felt perfect. "I want to be with you, for as long as time allows us to be, as long as God lets us be together. You know... Those nights, where I just knew, I knew something was wrong with you, but I couldn't be near you... All I wanted was to hold you in my arms and say that everything will be fine, my Angel. Don't worry about anything, because I'm here for you; forever and always.„
  I couldn't help but cry. I was smiling, though, it wasn't sorrow. Joy. Pure joy. Love and happiness and joy and... Oh... Everything good. Everything that is possibly good is what I felt.
  "You have no idea about how much you mean to me, Tom...„ I went across to sit next to him, I hugged him as tightly as I possibly could. "You will never know how much I truly love you... Nothing can possibly express it.„ I had my eyes tightly closed as I felt Tom embrace the hug back, doing exactly as he said he wanted to, holding me in his arms.  'Everything will be fine, my Angel...' "I do know that you love me, a lot, and that's all I ever truly need to know about it... Is that you love me. I love you. Nothing, not one single thing, can ever come between us. I'm not going to leave your side, even if it means I have to risk dying to stay with you, I'll never leave you. Never.„ he squeezed me tighter. "I promise you that, Bill. I promise.„

  I bet you weren't planning on actually doing that...


  What seemed to be a perfect love story, was the complete opposite. Everything wasn't going to be the "Happily ever after„ that Tom had promised me, back a few Summers ago. The Summer of 2009...
  Now known to be the most painful time of my life.

  Now, the story of this all starts, way back in June of 2009, the beginning of the whole "Love story„ runaway prologue that me and Tom had started. Oh, it was a good one. A real good one. Well, here it goes. Here's the story of "Tom and Bill: The dumb asses who decided to leave Leipzig and end up ruining their lives.„
  Or, life, as I should say.

  But let me skip to the good part.

  In, oh, Mid-July, we were already out of Leipzig by then. We were in Munich, south Germany, now. Me and Tom were just simply, minding our own business, walking across the street when the police officer in the intersection told us to. But the fucking ignorant bastards in their cars... One of them, a bus, if I may, wasn't paying any attention. Sadly. Horribly. Oh... It was unbearable even hearing it. They... They hit Tom. He was walking behind me, less than a meter behind me. Oh my God it was horrid... Tom... My Tom... Dead. In the middle of the street. I wanted to die. I really wanted to die with him... Why couldn't they take my life, too? No... They just had to take only his.
  Love, true, honest to God love, see what happens? Horrible things happen when you fall in love... Bad things, nobody should have to go through anything like I had to.

  But that was over 2 years ago. You'd think I'd be over any of it, right? Wrong. Completely wrong.
  The fucking driver never got charged with anything. Nothing! Not a single goddamned thing. So, someone who killed a boy, my love, my Tom, is just out there in Germany somewhere. But, am I in Germany? Hell no. I'm in some stupid asylum for insane people in Los Angeles, California. Holy fucking whee. The United States. More like The United Idiots. Fucking telling me I'm insane and locking me up in this Godforsaken Hellhole for morons. I'm the opposite of insane! Ever heard of severe depression? Hello? It's right in your faces!
  Fucking idiots. Stupid America. I don't even know why I was hauled off to this stupid place founded by a bunch of drunk fucking British assholes. I hate this Country.
  I hate my life.

  But, most of you are probably thinking "OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT COMMIT SUICIDE AFTER THAT?„
  It's easy. Seclude yourself away in your room for years and then go into society and be dubbed as an insane brainwash and thrown to America to be given to the professionals of idiosyncrasy. Whatever that means. Stupid Americans. Stupid society. Stupid everything.
  Hell, I need Tom. Hell, I need to be dead.
  But no. Not until He takes me off of this fucking Planet of the Apes. God, they are so dumb. I seem to be the only one with any knowledge about anything, anywhere! I bet I'm smarter then the entire American government. I've thought up of ideas for trying to fix their debt in billions. Just ask Russia to help out; they have enough money to fix America's debt with every Country in the world, and then have some left over still. Billions and trillions left over, actually. It isn't that hard, once you get to thinking.
  But really, America is full of retards. I hate it. So much.

  Isn't my rant time amazing? Don't you just love it? Yes. Yes you do. Everyone loves a good rant, and now you've heard mine. There you go! Tell everyone I've done a smashing job on fucking over everything special in my life! Good job, me, oh you saved everything.

  But no. I'm done. With life and everything.
  Let me be free; no breathing required. Tie the noose and hang me, hang me. Slip me up and kill me.
My friend Chase wrote it, so here's his style!
Hope you like :heart:
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Aww, this made me cry for some reason
Good show
AlienAngelSixx Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
.....I legit made the :meow: face. Up until the ~*~
Then I smushed my face up against the monitor and read reeeal closely.
I LOVE IT. (Good thing I'm Canadian, or else I may have been offended XD)
Kick Chase in the butt (not really hard) and tell him that AlienAngelSixx loved it, for me please! ^^
Tommi-Lancaster Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Professional General Artist
mkai :meow:
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